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This system is fully NBN ready.  Across Australia, the NBN is being implemented which provides you with high speed internet services.  This is great news for you as it allows you to utilise Voice Over IP rather and have great quality calls like a normal phone but at a fraction of the price.  NBN ready systems support the latest SIP and VOIP packages being offered by most telephone companies.  Once the NBN is in your area, after 6 months your existing copper line services will be disconnected so you will need to consider your options and talk to us to ensure you are not caught out.
This phone system will come with 4 x new 24 button phones.  These phones will interface with the phone system, and can work over Category 5/6 or older style cable.
This phone system has the latest features such as remote phones, voicemail to email, automated attendant, custom music on hold, and the latest and greatest feature is UCS Mobile (shown below).
It also has the standard basic features such as hold, transfer, intercom between phones etc.
1 x LG eMG80 Phone System Box
4 x LG 24 button phones (latest model just released)
Pre-made special patch leads for connection x 4
Like all phone systems, this system will need to be configured by an LG phone system trained technician.  Even though the price for this package only includes delivery, we are able to quote you to program the system.  We can also quote your for onsite installation depending on your area, or we can quote on preconfiguration with us providing assistance to your IT support over the phone to plug in the correct leads.
This feature is a MUST HAVE on your system.  There is an APP available for apple/android which is a special phone APP installed onto your mobile.  You can use this ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD.  For example, you may be working in Sydney, and someone calls your desk phone in the office and your UCS APP will ring on your mobile at the same time and you will have free calls between the office and your phone so your always reachable.  Say an important call comes in, and reception doesnt know if your in the office but you are working from home.  The call would ring to your UCS mobile APP.  The APP has all the features of a phone including voicemail, voicemail to email, forwarding etc.  The APP can be simply turned off when not in use.
Maybe you have remote workers that dont need a desk phone or sales staff who are always out and about but you want to reach them to transfer calls or just call them from the office.  Your phone in the office is simply programmed with a button.  With a single press of a button you can make a free call to their mobile phone via the APP.
Working overseas?  As long as you have data or WIFI enabled, you can make calls like your in the office.
Please note that there is some additional setup required for UCS mobile.  We can provide the necessary details to your IT support to setup, and this is a very simple setup!
The system comes FREE with 2 x UCS Mobile licenses so you can install this on 2 mobile phones.  Additional licenses may be purchased – contact us for details. 


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