We Buy Equipment

So you no longer need your old telephone system.  It’s in a cardboard box and you think, “i will store it in the cupboard in case i need it even though i have a new system now or dont need it anymore”.  A year later you come to the cupboard and see the telephone system again which reminds you that its there but you think its time to get rid of it.  Another year passes, you are having a clean out and decide its time to throw it in the bin.

Take a few steps back to the start, you can store it/bin it or call us and make some fast cash for it.  Why hold on to something you wont need or use when you can make money out of it now and re-invest that somewhere else.  Better some money than no money!

At Used Phone Warehouse you may have noticed we are a little green and care about the environment.  Your old phone system and phones will be fully restored by our team and can then be used again, so we are all contributing to a sustainable future and helping the environment.

Please go to our contact us page and list what you would like to sell.