3CX Phone System

3CX Phone system is not like the standard phone systems you would be familiar with.  This system is software based so you dont need a big phone system box on the wall.  It can integrate to your computer network and allow you to "drag and drop" calls, see how many calls are in a queue waiting to be answered, see a wallboard showing all call information, call reporting, call recording and much more.  We have checked and all other phone systems we know require additional hardware and software licensing - you can find this out too by doing a little research.

What we are saying is that this phone system will NEVER expire as it constantly receives updates.  You will never be told that your system is out of date in 3 years time.  The system is so smart it auto backs up in the event of a failure.  To restore the system take a very short time to re-load the software and your up and running.

The phones which go with this system are colour screen and feature the latest in technology.  

There are too many features to list here, so all we can say is by investing in this system, you will always have the latest technology, simple to use and an abundance of ways to improve how your business operates.

Finally, we know you are thinking this must be SO expensive.  Well actually you will find it cheaper than a conventional phone system as you dont need all the hardware.  The system is based on a license which unlocks all the features.

We also offer a cloud based solution too, so no matter where in Australia you are, we can remotely administer your phone system and phones.  With the option of onsite or cloud, when its cloud based, we pre-program and send you the phones.  You plug them in and thats it!

For more information, please see the link below or contact us.

Our sister company has more information on their website:-  www.frenchtech.com.au/3cxphonesystems



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