Beginner Drones

Beginner drones are great for younger people or when you are just starting out.  Its a great way to get an entry level drone to learn with before progressing to a more expensive model.

Camera Drones

Camera drones are an excellent choice for shooting some great video footage or capturing a great picture.  Even though you will find camera drones in our beginner drone section, these drones are for the intermediate users who are familiar with the basics of flying a drone.

Racing Drones

Racing drones are becoming very popular, with a huge range of drones and accessories available.  These drones can be used with special first person view goggles to immerse yourself in the racing by seeing the view from a camera mounted on the drone.

Indoor Drones

Even though you can fly indoor drones outdoors, these are drones we would recommend for fun flying inside.  Often smaller, mini or micro drones are used here.

FPV Headsets

First Person View goggles allow you to see from the camera mounted to the front of your drone


We stock a range of accessories for drones including batteries, propellers, motors and more