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The W800 is a 3G & 4G Voice gateway, allowing you to connect a phone via 3G.  You can also share the internet connection via WIFI.  You will need a SIM card on a network of your choice.  This is a fantastic device, very useful for using phone/internet while out and about.

This device also supports ADSL so can also act as an ADSL modem/router/WIFI.

Its an all in one box to suit your internet locally and away from home.



  • W800 3G ADSL Wireless VoIP Gateway is a Dual-WAN 3G / ADSL2+ (VPN) firewall router integrated 3G HSUPA, ADSL / ADSL2+, 802.11b/g/n, WCDMA/GSM voice and SIP VoIP / FoIP.
  • 3G HSUPA works as a backup WAN, functioning as an automatic fail-over when an ADSL2+ connection breaks down.
  • With one RJ-11 FXS interface, users could enjoy excellent VoIP and T.38 FoIP service over ADSL or 3G. Also supports WCDMA/GSM voice over this RJ-11 interface based on circuit switch.
  • 3G ADSL Wireless Gateway also provides IPsec VPN and PPTP VPN, users can access corporate intranet and transmit sensitive data between branch offices and remote sites anytime and anyplace.


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