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LG Ericsson LDP-9030D phone handset (Digital reception model) – NEW

The latest LDP 9030 phone is only for use with the latest LG eMG 80 phone system. It’s the flagship model and offers users 30 programmable buttons and ease of use at a price point that is almost hard to believe. You don’t need a degree like some phones and will be using this phone like an expert in 5 minutes flat.

The LG 9030 is part of the LG eMG80 pricing strategy and you get unbeatable bang for buck with both the system and the handsets (LDP-9008D and this 9030D). You simply won’t find a cheaper solution from any leading brand on the market.

The LG LDP 9030D phone handset looks great with the 30 buttons offers users’ unprecedented visibility over your staff, as well as being programmable for individual user customisation. Larger companies can even expand this functionality with an optional LG Ericsson LDP-9048 DSS console. This connects to the side of the LG LDP-9030 phone and adds another 48 keys to the handset, giving you a total of 78 programmable keys to display lines, speed dials, etc.

The LG Ericsson LDP-9030D phones programmable flex key buttons can be used to:

  • See which staff members are free and which are on the phone
  • Speed dial frequently used numbers
  • Show which phone lines are in use
  • Show which phone lines are in use
  • Release remote door locks and more

All these “flex keys” are activated with a single touch. For example, to transfer a call you’d simply push their corresponding button and either hang up to transfer or announce the call then transfer. It really is that simple.

The LG LDP-9030D phone also offers 3 soft keys under its screen that activate the most logical menu choices, based on your current activity.  For example, if you’re accessing your voicemail the buttons would correspond to logical voicemail menu options like replay, delete etc. However, when making you are on a phone call the options would change to present functions like transfer, conference or mute.

It’s a fantastic handset at an even better price point and for most SME companies they would be hard pressed to find a better solution for their needs or their bottom line!


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